DuSable To Obama

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Track Listing

01 - DuSable To Obama (Main Theme)
02 - Reflections
03 - DuSable's Death
04 - The Civil War
05 - The Creation Of The Inferior
06 - The Fire Angel
07 - Hidden Codes
08 - Chicago At 173
09 - The Best Of Jackson Payne (Part 1)
10 - The Best Of Jackson Payne (Part 2)
11 - A Rag For Reginald
12 - The Commission
13 - Mahalia
14 - Good News For The Brown Bomber
15 - Blues In Flight
16 - The Segregated War
17 - Dear D'Lana (Available on Blue Notes)
18 - The Creation Of Evolution (Part 2)
19 - Robert's Show Lounge
20 - West Side Blues
21 - The Reign Of Terror
22 - The Saga Of Emmett Till
23 - The 60's Revolution
24 - The Eye Of The Storm (60's Heat)
25 - Truth Be Told (60's Heat)
26 - The Willis Wagon
27 - Kool-Aid Colors
28 - Panthers
29 - Fred Hampton's Assassination
30 - Blues For The Mayor Pro Temp 1976
31 - Boycott The Coronation | WBMX
32 - Prelude For Harold
33 - Theme For Harold
34 - Intro To Lament For Harold
35 - Lament For Harold
36 - Godfather In The House
37 - Carol Moseley-Braun
38 - The Opportunity Outlet
39 - President Barack Obama
40 - Lift Every Voice & Sing
41 - Blues For The President
42 - Ready To March (60's Heat)
43 - The Informant (60's Heat)


The 90-minute television documentary "DuSable to Obama: Chicago's Black Metropolis" is truly a tale of two cities. There is the legendary Chicago that emerged from hardship and misfortune on the prairie to attain world-class status. There is also a less known, but remarkable aspect of Chicago's history &emdash; the essential contributions of African Americans to the city's vitality, from Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable to the Columbian Exposition; the Chicago Renaissance to Chicago politics and from the journalism of the Chicago Defender to the new musical sound of the city. This compelling film reveals the lives of the celebrated and the unsung — from the establishment of the first Black community in the 1840s by free men of color and enslaved Africans seeking freedom, to the election of the nation's first Black president, Chicago's own Barack Obama. Celebrating the history of this powerful community and bringing recognition to the African American experience in Chicago is to better understand the rich heritage of America itself. It is a story of our time and of all time. The original Orbert Davis score for the television documentary was commissioned by WTTW and generously underwritten by Northern Trust. For more information, visit wttw.com/dusabletoobama.

Each epoch had its sound and its style, and Davis draws upon these characteristics to conjure moments in time. All of his music, though, radiates Davis' signature lyricism, his haunting melodic lines deepening the emotional content of the scenes unfolding on the screen. — Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune (Score is Soul of 'DuSuble To Obama' — June 1, 2010)