Blue Notes - 04 - Dear D' Lana

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'Dear D'Lana' is composed in memory of a childhood friend whose life was cut short due to an untimely accident. Its emotional depth symbolizes the pain, grief and reminiscences a family must go through while coping with loss. I witnessed it in the eyes and smiles of Herb and Mae Crenshaw as they prepared to live without D'Lana. A huge thanks goes to Ryan Cohen for his collaboration. The spanish feel exhibits Ryans "Chick Corea" and my "Sketches of Spain" influences.

  • Orbert Davis - flugel horn/trumpet
  • Ryan Cohan - piano
  • Stewart Miller - bass
  • Kobie Watkins - drums/woodblock
  • Alejo Poveda - cabasa

Composed by Orbert Davis, Ffats Music | BMI

Ryan Cohan, Ryanism Music | BMI

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